Wedding Insurance

Looking for wedding insurance?

Note - Due to Coronavirus, lots of companies are not taking new customers.

If you already have your insurance, please check through your policy to see what your covered for.

So you start your wedding planning and your working out a budget and looking at the million different things you need to save for! Yes? Not everyone thinks to add wedding insurance on to that list! Couples save so hard and spend out a lot of money on their big day that they are now advised to cover themselves with wedding insurance. Think about how much a venue costs to hire on its own and then flowers, photos and food on top?

There are some great deals to be had that will give you piece of mind when booking suppliers for your special day.

Buying wedding insurance will usually cover you for –

Items stolen or damaged – eg gifts, flowers etc Venue cancelling on you or shutting down Suppliers not turning up or not supplying items before the day. Cancelling due to sickness or accident

Insurance won’t cover you if one of you just changes their mind about the wedding or if you find your struggling to pay for your wedding day.

Always read the policies for an insurance company to see what will be covered as all companies are different, some may also give you an option to add extra items on. Check through and find the one that suits you the best.

Don’t forget that wedding insurance will only cover you for your wedding day so you will still need travel insurance if you decide to go away on honeymoon.

We will be looking at different wedding insurance companies over the next few weeks and sharing some of them here with you!

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