Ceremony Planning Checklist

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

So you have a wedding venue ready and booked for the big day! Now you can start to arrange how you want your wedding day to go.

The wedding ceremony is the part of the day where you will say your wedding vows, exchange rings and become a married couple!

There will be the first kiss! you will both sign paperwork to get your wedding certificate with your witnesses there to help.

Many couples will have their wedding ceremony at a church of their choice and will then move onto a venue for a sit down meal. Others will have the ceremony at their venue and have the whole day in one place.

We have added a ceremony checklist here to give you ideas of things you may need. The checklist is also available as a pdf at the bottom of the page for you to print at home.

Don't feel that you need to cover all these activities on the checklist, these are just a guide to help you.


Ceremony checklist
Download PDF • 62KB

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